December Bed Post

For my final Bed Post of 2017 I found my inspiration for colours and patterns on the walls of my bedroom.

A foundation of deep blue and accents of green s, pinks, reds and gold.

Comfort and joy…..well, ’tis the season!!!


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Stash Buster Wind Chimes

After more than 15 years of beading and making jewellery, I have accumulated a very large stash of beads. Every now and then I try to find a craft that helps use up some of the leftovers from other projects, and this rainbow wind chime is just such a project!

Take a bunch of random beads….

Add some discount shop bells….

Thread on some leather cord and tie a loop at the top.

Repeat with the other colours and loop all the strands onto a small dream catcher ring.

Then hang!

Another colourful addition to my little outdoor space.

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Tie-dyed doily stone door stops

I have vast quantities of pretty vintage lace doilies, and I keep buying more without the faintest idea what I’m going to do with them.

But I came across a crochet-wrapped stone on instagram and realised I might be able to use doilies in place of the crochet, which I can’t do.

First I dug some stones out of my garden.

Then I pulled some largeish doilies out of my stash.

Next I dug through my box of fabric dyes, and pulled out a selection of colours.

Then I randomly coloured the doilies with the dyes.

Once dyed and washed they were ready to be stitched onto the stones.

I used embroidery thread to stitch them at the base. I’ll admit this looks a bit messy, but it actually works quite well in a practical way, as the knotted doily and thread makes a soft cushion under the stone, preventing scratching of my nice wooden floors.

They make me smile!

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November Bed Post

Red, purple, pink, black and white. Inspired by my favourite vintage kantha and combined with my crazy cat lady duna cover!

Check out how cute the cat duna pattern is! (Sorry for the average photo- too much light and not enough ironing!!)

The cats do love clean sheets!

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Art Display Wall

One of my favourite Australian artists is Paula Mills. Also known as Sweet William Prints. Like me, she mostly paints botanicals, and her work is beautiful and unique.

Her home is absolutely stunning, and has been featured in interiors magazines. But there is one thing she has that I have been obsessing over for ages and that’s her art wall where she displays her recent paintings:

I just adore this little space and have been wondering if I could create something similar in my own home.

Finally I decided to give it a try in my library. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen it (I post a lot of snapshots that you will see in later blog posts, so if you’re keen to see what might be coming up on the blog, check out my insta!)

All I needed for my wall was some pretty wrapping papers, some artworks (obviously) and some pins.

Although it’s not perfect, I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out. It’s a great spot for me to analyse my recent paintings.

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Agate Slice Tealights

Ever since this image of agate slice night lights from Anthropologie appeared in my Pinterest feed:

I have been slightly obsessed.

I knew I couldn’t afford to buy them, but I wondered if I could make similar tea light holders?

When I priced Agate slices, I decided I needed to think outside the box.

I returned to my favourite source, my recycling bin.

Milk cartons, 
And tuna tins!

Firstly, I resorted to my fallback, gold spray paint and painted the tins.

Then I got my sharpies out and drew some “agate slices”

Then I coloured them in.

Once my “slices” were done and the tins were dry, I used my hot glue gun to stick them together.

A quick and thrifty little craft that is also environmentally friendly!!!!

Perfect little night lights!

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Blue and White Gallery Wall

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that nothing stays the same in my house for more than a few months. I’m a chronic rearranger and get bored easily with my surroundings.

My entrance has been the same for a while, and I got the urge to change it. My blue and white obsession came out this time and I decided to hang a gallery wall of blue and white artworks. (Which also involved painting some new works!) ……

The skull painting was inspired by one of my favourite TV shows, Sherlock….. he has a very cool skull artwork on his wall. 💀🕵🏻!

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