Further adventures in floorboards 

The opportunity to get some help to pull up the floating floorboards in the kitchen, living room and hallway came up recently, before I’d really planned it. I really couldn’t turn down the offer of (free) labour, and it is something I’ve wanted to do ever since pulling up my carpets.

Don’t get me wrong, floating wood laminate floors are a great option when faced with hideous floors and a small budget, and if I was trying to cover up concrete or ugly tiles or something, I’d be the first to jump at them.

Having unearthed the gorgeous timber floorboards in my studio, library and bedroom, I was at a loss as to why someone would put in floating floors over the top in the other rooms though!

Even if they weren’t in great shape, surely the answer would be sand and stain the original floors???

Here are the “before” pics of the floating floor:

It’s neat and tidy. It’s new-looking.

And it’s just that little bit too plastic.

It sounds wrong, it feels too slippery and it has no warmth.

So, heart in my mouth not knowing what I was going to unearth, I gratefully accepted the help to pull it up!!!!

Did I regret it?
Not a bit of it, although it wasn’t all good news.

The living room floor was in good shape, and the warmth it brings to the room is just amazing.

The hallways are a little more worn, I suspect they never had carpet over them unlike other rooms. They’ve also got quite a few drops and dribbles of paint on them. I think the walls were painted before the faux floorboards went down and no care was taken to protect the boards. 

That shouldn’t be too big a job to tidy up, and eventually I can sand and repolish them.

The biggest disappointment was in the kitchen. 😢

Here the floors had obviously had either Lino or tiles glued to them! I suspect slate  as there are a pile of brown and grey, very 1980s slate tiles piled up in my shed.

The floorboards themselves aren’t damaged, so with a bit of work (who am I kidding, a shit-tonne of work) scraping glue, sanding and polishing, these floors are going to be amazing too!

Stay tuned, as I’ve started down the long and winding road of scraping and sanding already. Still a long way to go, but…..

I’m going to have to do this myself, the budget just won’t stretch to professional assistance at the moment. It’s going to be slow. A lot of work. 

Ultimately (or so I’m currently telling my aching body) very rewarding!!!

I’ll share my progress and the results with you in the (hopefully not too distant) future!

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November Bed Post

I couldn’t resist using my new purple kantha quilt! I have a kantha quilt problem. I now own seven of them. Yes, you read that correctly, seven kantha quilts…..and counting.

At least Frodo loves them too!

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Faux Stone Rings

Some Saturday nights I have random craft ideas that just can’t wait. 

That’s what happened to me last weekend, after I bought a bunch of coloured modelling clay. Suddenly I wanted to play with it, and making some rings was suddenly very necessary.

Nothing very sophisticated or tricky to this one, just mixing two colours of the clay together by twisting them then rolling into balls.

Then just squish the balls flat into “stones” and place them on a baking tray.

Once baked in the oven (150 degrees C for 20 minutes), allow to cool, then glue them to some ring blanks with tough jewellery glue.

Once the glue was dried, I sprayed them with some acrylic gloss spray, to give them that polished stone look….

I’m never going to make a hand model….

But I’ve been wearing these rings this week and I’m stoked with them!

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Another Lampshade Gets a Makeover 

A while back I updated the lampshade in my studio with acrylic ink. I was going for an Under the Sea theme. It didn’t quite turn out the way I envisioned, but I stuck with it.

Well I decided it was time to give it a new makeover, this time something floral.

So I began with some paint.

I just grabbed a brush and painted loose flower and leaf shapes on the shade.

Then I filled in around the edges with black gesso.

Once it was dry I drew outlines and details with a gold paint pen.

It has a slightly Asian feel to it I think. I love it! Much more successful than the first time around!!!

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La Maison Boheme

I’ve had this pice of timber for a while now, just waiting for me to decide what to do with it.

I finally decided to create a sign to hang on the wall, to read “La Maison Boheme” which in means The Bohemian Home in French.

I started pencilling in the words and the leafy border, then filled in the border with watercolours.

Then I outlined the design using a black felt tip pen, and gave it a varnish to darken and seal the sign.

Finally, all I needed to do was put some wire on the back to hang it with.

A few years ago I discovered that you can use the little pull tabs from soft drink cans as hangers-ingenious and cost effective!

Then I found a space on my dining room wall to hang it!

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Decoupage Boho Pencil Tins

I always need jars and tins and pots to put my art materials in, and I keep tins to decorate for this purpose.

Using up some more colouring in pages seemed like a great way to make some bright, colourful boho pen pots!

This is so easy I don’t even think you need instructions!

Colouring in pages….

Plus tins……

Plus glue….


Add some acrylic gloss spray….

And my desk suddenly looks bright and cheery and oh so organised!

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October Bed Post (just!)

As I was washing the sheets this week I realised I hadn’t shared an October bed post.

So here it is, lots of reds this time, using one of my recently obtained op shop throws. 

Unfortunately the cats love these throws, and they’ve already pulled threads in them.

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