Gypsy Rose Luminaries 

One of my favourite blogs to read is Gypsy Yaya ( Andrea loves and shares all things bohemian and gorgeous, from houses to crafts to clothes. (Check out her blog, it’s totally awesome!!!)

She created these very cute Gypsy Rose Luminaries and I’ve been wanting to make some for ages!
Finally I gathered together some old glass votives, some fake flowers and my trusty glue gun.

I think Andrea’s turned out better, but I still think these are pretty!!!

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July Bed Post

This month I am finally able to show off my new hexagon flowers patchwork bedspread.

I started this nearly a year ago and for the last six months it’s been waiting for me to finally back it, which I did using that gorgeous blue vintage sheet.

With some soft icy blue bedding, it’s quite a cosy serene bedroom this month 😌

Once again Nefertiti is masquerading as a chamber maid, although her talents in bed making leave a lot to be desired.

Close up of some of the hexie flowers.

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Smudge Sticks 

I decided to try my hand at making smudge sticks.

I gathered some sage and some rosemary from the garden…

So I grabbed a handful and tied the ends together with some embroidery thread.

Then I wound the long ends of the thread as tightly as I could up and back down the bundle, knotting the two ends together.

I made some with plain sage and some sage and rosemary mixed together.

Then they needed to be hung up to dry. I had to find a spot to hang them where they got plenty of airflow around them but the cats couldn’t get to them, which challenged me a bit.

Finally I realised the chandelier in the kitchen was ideal!

A week later they were dry and ready to use!

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Latest Op Shop Finds

This table runner just makes me glow with joy!

There were two more in more neutral brown colours and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy those too, but I was trying to behave myself. 😆

Four new brass vases for my ever-expanding collection! How gorgeous is the one with the handles?

It seems I can never resist coloured glassware…

I love the shape of this pressed glass vase, the wide mouth gives a lot of versatility.

A new green vase for my little shelf.

This small amber glass water jug is too adorable.

Three vintage sheets, two singles and one double.

The blue one will be put to good use backing a new patchwork bedspread. (I’ll be sharing that with you soon!)

This is the double and it’s so soft! It makes me glad I still have a double bed!!!

These cute Indian napkins and a gorgeous floral table cloth complete the treasures ❤️

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Little Blue Bag

So it’s time to confess.

I’m fascinated by the various things that people carry around with them. Whenever there’s a “what’s in my bag” Instagram challenge or hashtag going around I get totally drawn in. They say a woman’s hand bag is a window on her personality!

So here’s the junk I lug around with me every day!

Now that I am working in the city I have an hourlong commute on the bus, so what I bring with me has changed dramatically!

I carry everything in this cute blue backpack for convenience:

My pink and white striped umbrella in case of rain. This thing is ancient and desperately needs replacing.

My alpaca water bottle.

A napkin, because I hate the wastage of paper towels and don’t see why I can’t use the real thing, even at work.

Crystals. Obviously essential.

Silver pocket mirror.

My Kath Kidston wash bag which now has a new purpose! I’m trying hard to reduce the use of plastic in my home, but carrying containers of leftovers without them being wrapped up in a plastic bag has been fraught with difficulties! My solution is to put my lunch into this old wash bag which has a waterproof lining 😊.

Makeup bag.

Fur-lined fingerless gloves to keep me warm walking to the bus stop.

Chocolate. I get up way too early for my stomach to tolerate breakfast these days so an emergency chocolate bar has saved me from starvation more than once! (Yeah, I know, I know it’s very unhealthy!)

My beloved MacBook Pro goes almost everywhere with me!

As does my iPhone. I keep my earbuds in this little pink pouch to stop them tangling.

A notebook, notepad and fountain pen.

The little blue silk pouch holds a microfibre cloth to clean my glasses with….essential especially when it rains!

Wallet – upcycled nicely now, as per last week’s post!

Keys. My mum and dad brought the adorable little wooden camel key ring back from a holiday in Broome.

Essential oils…..this is a blend of Spike Lavender, Hyssop and Frankincense, which is an amazing cold and flu remedy.

The little pink silk pouch contains lip balm and lipstick.

And finally I get a couple of hours a day now to read which makes up for the long commute as I’m getting to read a lot more often! This is an old favourite, the first in a series of about 15 books. I’m really looking forward to re-reading all of them!

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Upcycled Wallet 

I’ve had this leather wallet for over 20 years. I’ve bought and used others in that time, but I keep going back to this one.

I just really love the layout, it works for me.

But it is well worn, the leather is scuffed and cracked. It pretty much looks like shit.

So it needed a makeover….

Enter a bunch of fabrics 

And my massive tub of Mod Podge of course!

I cut pieces of fabric and glued them on in a random pattern, just winging it as I went. (This seems to be my preferred method of creating!!)

Then I trimmed all the edges once it had dried.

I’ve given my ancient wallet a new lease on life!

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Harry Potter Craft Swaps

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that over the last couple of months I’ve participated in not one, but two Harry Potter themed craft swaps. 

In December 2016 I was made redundant and it took over 5 months for me to find work again. That’s pretty soul crushing, and my friends and my crafts kept me sane, in particular these craft swaps. With so much time on my hands, I really went over the top with these swaps! And luckily for me, so did my two AMAZING swap partners!!!!

Now that everyone has received their parcels, I can share both my creations and the amazing things I received!

Swap number one:

My partner was a fellow Gryffindor…

Some bookmarks and a Gryffindor headband that I made using my French knitting spool.

I upcycled this unicorn mirror with quotes about Unicorns from the Harry Potter books.

I turned an old box into a Hogwarts trunk with paint, paper rolls and decoupage.

I made Floo Powder bath salts

And I created a notebook that looks like Harry’s potions textbook, some coasters of each of the Hogwarts house animals, and a Hermione quote artwork !!

So much fun!

In round one, I received truly wonderful things from the host of the swap herself, the very talented Anna Ritson.

An amazing Gryffindor weaving 

The world’s cutest Gryffindor Mandrake whose name is Mortimer.

A fabulous magic wand.

A gorgeous embroidered The Burrow.

The most inventive upcycled book on houseplants….

Check out the work Anna put into this!!

All the parcels were beautifully wrapped in Gryffindor-y colours, and some chocolate frogs included 😀

How lucky was I? 
On to round 2, and this time my partner was a Slytherin, so I went all out with lots of snakes and plenty of green!

I was so in love with this patchwork bag that I had to make a Gryffindor version for myself. Funny story, for years after reading the books I felt that the Sorting Hat would see I belonged in Ravenclaw, so imagine my utter shock when I finally logged into JK Rowling’s Pottermore site and discovered I’m actually a Gryffindor!!

I also made 

More bookmarks (I love making bookmarks and my swap partner said she is bookish!

A slytherin pom pom garland 

A small slytherin decoupaged bowl

I included two snake bracelets. My parner’s patronus is a parrot, hence the green parrot bracelet too.

Hermione shadow painting on a HP book page

A Flourish and Blotts bookshop sign

Some potions bath salts.

A Slytherin quill

And felt pennant 

And finally I ordered a pair of cute Slytherin socks from eBay for my partner…

Apparently the Chinese can’t spell Slytherin 😔

While making things for my swap partner, I also made some gifts for Anna, the host, as she had done me a big favour.

Anna is a Hufflepuff, so I painted her a badger..

Then I found a handbag at the op shop that resembled an envelope (although I had to trim off a whole lot of frilly bits!)

It made the perfect Hogwarts acceptance letter with an owl post key ring.

I almost kept This for myself!

Then I received a parcel from the 2nd swap partner,

Holy moly, I was so totally blown away. This was just HUGE.

These miniature potions kits are amazing. The level of detail is insane!

The little chests are personalised with my name/initial.

Then there are these beautiful Weasley-themed artworks (I love the Weasleys!)

This one is one of my favourite quotes and is now residing in my bathroom 

This fabulous Gryffindor scarf was wrapped around the Mrs Weasley painting:

A Harry Potter duck compliments the Arthur Weasley quote (and has indeed floated around in my bath!)

The Grim teacup….I love it SO much, I can’t even say!!!!!!

And the Hogwarts Castle embroidery perfectly fits withThe Burrow one Anna made for me. They live in my entryway and are symbols of home for me… happy places!

When I opened the next parcel the amount of work that went into, the creativity that went into it and the way it was so well thought of, the perfect gift for me actually brought me to tears. 

Thank you so much Lisa for the worlds best dream catcher ever!!!

Then we have “Weasley ” the Pygmy puff …. so cute!

Some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

My very own Hogwarts Graduation Certificate 

The cutest lion card!!!!

Honestly, the size of this box of goodness? Wow!

Lisa is a very very special, amazing, creative, talented woman.

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