A few more op shop treasures…

My last op shopping trip was more about me picking up some trackies and tee shirts to wear when I’m painting in the studio. I’m a very messy artist!

However it’s impossible for me to go into an op shop without looking in the homewares section!

This time I found this cute tartan mohair throw.

This 70s ceramic vase.

And I also picked up a mixed bag of metal items. My op shop won’t price anything under $1.99, so little or inexpensive items they tend to bundle together in a bag and sell it as a job lot.

This collection was $2.99

As always you could barely tell what kind of metal they were made from because they were so tarnished, but an hour with some Brasso and they’re gleaming!!! I especially love the teeny copper vase. 😊

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Bathroom Vignettes 

“The only constant is change”

In my house this is so very true! I’ve been rearranging in my bathroom again and thought I’d share the results.

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At Easter I pulled up the carpet in the studio, and I have finally taken a couple of days off to do the same in the bedroom and library!

Bedroom before:


I dragged the carpet and underlay out into the hallway to put the furniture back in and came back to find Luiseach like this…

And after:

And then the library….


As I pulled up the carpet I discovered a little bit of a problem….

It turns out this is the one room in the house that always had carpet. The boards are raw wood, they’ve never been varnished!! So that will be a job for another day. *sigh*

In the meantime, this is how it looks now:

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My Tile Tray : Featured in Woman’s World Magazine!

I’m so very excited, because my blog has been featured in the latest issue of Woman’s World Magazine !!!

They have featured my upcycled blue and white tray post from May 2015, how cool is that?

Edit 21/08/16: For those of you who have been asking for templates, I have cobbled together some sketches here for you to use:Tile Tray Designs

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Paisley Sketch Book Cover

When I found this cute paisley duct tape in my local discount shop, I scooped it up. It’s the perfect thing to cover the front of my plain old sketch book cover.

And the best bit? It works as a colouring in page too!!

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Paisley Bowl in Blue and White

To continue my current love affair with Paisley and combine it with my life long love of blue and white ceramics I went and purchased this blue ceramic paint pen: 

And dug this white bowl out of a box in the shed:

Then, using some of my colouring in books for inspiration, I drew a pretty Paisley design around the outside:

Left to cure for 24 hours, then baked in the oven for 35mins.


The book and my glass of water just happened to be on the coffee table when I put down the bowl, but it looked so pretty I wanted to include them in the photo!

If you haven’t read “The New  Bohemians” by Justina Blakely yet, you’re in for a real treat 😊

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Exotic Vase

I bought this green frosted glass vase some time ago in an op shop. 

I think it needs embellishing!

With this!

This stuff is very cool. It’s like the lead outline in lead lighting, but this one is gold. (It comes in black, and other colours too).

This pattern just grew organically, I had no real design in mind when I started.

Luiseach was very interested in this process….

Once dry, I decided to pick some greenery from the garden (there’s not much to choose from in my garden, especially in the dead of winter), and create a little vignette on the dining room table.


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