The Case of the Disappearing Chair

Black Velvet Chair

As soon as I saw this perfect button-back black velvet chair, I knew I needed it.

It caught my eye in the Ezibuy catalogue, and 24 hours of internal dialogue later (should I? Shouldn’t I?), the order was placed.

So I receive an email, letting me know my chair has been shipped (more internal dialogue, but this time of the yippee, I can’t wait variety) and giving me a tracking number so I can find out where it is on its way.

Two weeks later and I think it is time to try out this tracking. I click the link, I type in the number and…. “Invalid consignment”


So, I make a phonecall, and a lovely New Zealand accent informs me they have no record of where it is. (Gnashing of teeth). However, she will pop me on hold and refer to her supervisor.

A few minutes of hideous hold music and she pops back on the line, explaining it can take up to 16 working days to get here, but unfortunately customs want to look at the wood component of it, therefore it may take up to another 10 working days. I should hopefully see it by the 12th March, but don’t worry, it is fully insured, and they ship them all the time and don’t usually have any problems!

My beloved chair, so near and yet so far. Some might say it is a lesson in patience for me. Others that good things are worth waiting for. I just want to stamp my foot and yell “NOW!”.

When it arrives and is settled into my living room with all my other furniture, I will post a picture. In the meantime I have to go find a distraction, so I am going to pore over all my decorating magazine tear sheets.

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2 Responses to The Case of the Disappearing Chair

  1. Welcome to the blogging world – you will find yourself immersed in a brand new way of thinking and loads of fun! Congrats too on your new home and I’m guessing many decorating posts in your future. Oh and thanks for following!

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