Chaos Reigns

I had forgotten quite how hellish moving house can be. I should have taken a week off work for this, instead of trying to cram into a couple of weekends and the odd trip after work.

Confession time- I am a hoarder and collector. I clearly have too much stuff. An insane amount of stuff. And bit by bit I am cramming it all higgeldy piggeldy into just two rooms of my new home. Why? Well that is actually for an exciting reason – my painter-decorator is painting the other three rooms. I popped in last night to see how he got on yesterday and spent a good five minutes standing in my kitchen/dining room soaking up the awesomeness. Pink awesomeness. Don’t worry, I will share pics with you in due course!

The other awesomeness that was part of my day yesterday? THE chair arrived yesterday  woohoo! And it rocks.

As I don’t have any photos to share yet, here is one of some very helpful fur babies assisting with packing.

Frodo and Nefertiti - always lending a helping paw.

Frodo and Nefertiti – always lending a helping paw.

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