Ruby Rose


Have you ever found that a room will take on a life of its own and take you in a completely different direction from the one you intended? This is exactly what happened in my bedroom, which I had intended to be pink and white with a few hints of yellow and maybe a touch of dark blue.

Well, it is along those lines, but the yellow became a much more focal colour and suddenly GREEN started appearing as well, and the blue looked all wrong! I have learnt to let a room speak for itself, as it will often know better than I do and if I try to force my hand it just looks “meh”.

So, with the colour scheme in my bedroom making itself known I decided I would really like a new floral duvet cover, something rosy and vintage-looking, sort of 1950s, in pink, yellow and green. I had a very specific idea in mind and doubted I would ever find it.

The internet is an amazing place! Fifteen minutes of googling and I landed on a UK site called Joules. Apart from falling in love with all of their bedlinen, I found “Ruby Rose”. It was PERFECT!

Dragging out a reluctant Visa card, I clicked Add to shopping bag. A few days later (thanks to a speedy UK to AU delivery from DHL) a pretty rosy parcel arrived for me, and voila!



How gorgeous does it look? (And yes, I know it needs ironing, but I was just too impatient to get it on the bed. Anyway, isn’t ironing bad for the environment?)


A nice vintagey-view here, very 1950s!


Merlin approves! (Mostly because he knows he looks fabulous with floral!!)


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5 Responses to Ruby Rose

  1. Lovely! and yes, I heard ironing was really really bad for the environment!

  2. Aixie says:

    Need to start a petition to outlaw it in this country.

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