Kitsch or Cute?

When op shopping I often like to choose something really awful and tacky that I can upcycle or change to make it something I want to have in my house. It’s like a little challenge I set myself.

This was today’s challenge, a cheap plastic unicorn mirror:


Now, my original idea was to paint the unicorny frame and replace the mirror with patterned paper or a painting of some sort, but that changed after I had painted the frame a pretty sea foam colour!Image

A side note here on spray paint. While there is nothing wrong with cheap $2 shop type spray paint (I use it myself), my preferred brand is Rustoleum 2X. It eliminates the need for a primer, it coats really evenly, you can spray with the can in any direction, and it bonds easily to plastic and glass, surfaces that can be tricky to paint! I have no affiliation with Rustoleum, I just like their product!


Anyway, back to the awesome unicorn……….I actually decided I really like it with its mirror!

Although I can always add the paper at some point in the future, for now I am very pleased with how my new blue unicorn mirror looks in this corner of my kitchen!



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