Upcycling Artwork

imageAlthough I am an artist, and avid art collector and have more art than I could ever hang on my walls, I was really taken with this idea from craft blogger Aunt Peaches (who writes my favourite blog of all time, she is completely awesome).

So, I waited until I came across the right piece of art at my local charity shop.

This artwork (print I think?) actually held some random appeal for me, so I decided it was “the one”.

At this price, it was also within the op shop budget!


Updating the frame first – some newspaper and painters masking tape, and a can of deep pink spray paint.



After err peeling off the tape and paper it was time for the “arty” part!

Although Aunt Peaches uses rubber cement in her tutorial, I wouldn’t have the foggiest clue where to purchase it! However, in my art I frequently use watercolour masking fluid which is latex-based, and so much fun to work with! It is very messy, but hey, that is half the fun, isn’t it?image


Next steps were to paint over the masking fluid with ink and watercolours.

I thought two layers would be cool……




Nefertiti helped, as only a cat can!

so the time came for the reveal…. I rubbed off the masking fluid and…….was very disappointed!


This just did nothing for me! I couldn’t see myself hanging it on the wall as it was.

So disappointed! But it has potential……so out with the brushes again.

Half an hour and I had something I was very happy to hang up!


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