Bath Time Bliss

I have spent a very leisurely Sunday morning making bath salts, bath oils and bath milks.

I am a real water baby, and there is nothing I like better than a deliciously scented steaming bath, surrounded by candles. A good book to read and a glass of wine completes the picture!


Bath salts and bubble baths these days are either very expensive or so artificial and sickly that they give me a headache, so I make my own.

It is not hard to find the raw materials. The very simplest being salt (rock salt from the supermarket is ideal), and some essential oils such as lavender or orange. Again, easily found even in your local supermarket.





I also use powdered milk for a moisturising milk bath, dispersible oil (such as Turkey red oil or similar), almond oil or a natural unscented bath gel.
A word of caution, if you do use almond oil, it makes your bath tub VERY slippery!!!!

I pick up these lidded jars in op shops very cheaply, and they are perfect for keeping bath salts or bath milks fresh, and they look pretty in the bathroom!
Don’t forget to label them if you are making more than one kind. I put the labels on the bottom of the jars.


Foe every 100ml of oil or salts I use up to 2.5ml of essential oil total. Use less if you have sensitive skin.

A couple of my favourite recipes:

Cleopatra’s Bath Milk
100gm powdered full cream milk
20 drops rose oil
10 drops myrrh oil
10 drops ylang ylang oil
10 drops cedarwood oil

Detox Bath Salts
50gm rock salt or sea salt
50gm Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate)
1 tbspn green clay
20 drops grapefruit oil
20 drops juniperberry oil
10 drops lavender oil




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