Tablecloth to Curtain.

A few months ago I was looking through my linen press and pulled out a large, white cotton lace tablecloth.

Slightly discoloured, and with a small rust stain on it, I decided a dye bath was in order.




Teal blue. One of my favourite colours!

Once dyed, I was disappointed at how light the colour was. It just didn’t quite excite me the way I had thought it might, so it got folded up and put back in the linen press.



My living room has a very large north-facing window, catching an astounding amount of sunshine, but also faces directly onto the street, so it needs something for privacy. When I moved in there was a large, ugly nylon lace curtain, which my cats decided they could go “through”

IMG_1881.JPG Do you see where I’m going with this?
I was flicking through a folder of tear sheets from design magazines, and there was a fantastic curtain made from a lace tablecloth. Lightbulb moment!!!
It is just so much neater! It doesn’t let in quite as much light, but with Summer just around the corner, that is probably a good thing!





What do you think?

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