Green and Copper Clock

I need a clock in my library, so I have been ‘googling’ clocks to decide what I am looking for. I have settled on something a bit Art Deco, in green and copper.
Yep, I’m back to being very specific in something I want for a room, but can’t you just see it?

This is my inspiration :


None of these is exactly what I pictured in my mind, but that’s ok, I probably couldn’t afford any of these clocks anyway!

What can I afford? Well, it looks something a little like this one picked up at Savers, my local op shop.

Yep, it’s pretty fugly!!! But for $4, it WAS affordable!

Now to make it into something approaching my idea!

The face, with its floral “country” 90’s feel, needed painting, and I went for a pale verdigris green colour, that worked with the darker green hands.

A can of copper coloured spray paint came in useful for the wooden frame.



Next came some Roman numerals. I typed them up using an old school font, then printed them out.


Next a light wash of the same green paint, and they were ready to cut out and stick on.


Then it was just a case of reassembly!


I really feel this has a Deco 1930’s look to it, and for under $5 I am chuffed to bits with it! It now hangs in my library looking awesome!!!





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