Junk Mail Canister

I receive an awful lot of junk mail. In fact I am astounded at the amount of it that floods through my letterbox.


I could of course put one of those little signs on my letterbox, except my guilty little secret is that I like to read it!

Having spent the last seven and a half years on a rural property and thus completely devoid of any junk mail, I like reading all the specials and seeing the clothes available from the chain stores. It’s a bit like window shopping, without leaving home.

So as someone concerned with environmental issues, that leaves me in a quandary. What can I do with the junk mail, to try and reduce the sheer volume going off to the recyclers? How can I use it?

Well, it’s all very bright and colourful so sometimes I use it for decoupaging things like this old cocoa tin that I picked up at the op shop for a dollar.



All I need is some junk mail cut into fine strips and some Mod Podge.


Then I just glue the strips around the tin!



Once the tin is covered, another coat of Mod Podge on top, and it’s done.



It’s decorative, bright, useful and environmentally friendly- I can’t ask fairer that that!




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2 Responses to Junk Mail Canister

  1. Cute and resourceful! That little pig is darn adorable too. And thanks for following 🙂

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