Paper Patchwork

I adore patchwork. Sadly I don’t have the patience or the sewing skills to create the amazing patchwork bedspreads and blankets that both my talented grandmothers used to make.

Is there a patchwork gene? If so I inherited the appreciation half of the gene, but not the ability!

The original concept of patchwork was to make something useful and beautiful from scraps of material. I decided to combine my love of patchwork with my love of recycling and collage, using scraps of paper that I’ve been keeping in a box, waiting for inspiration to strike!

It’s very simple, I just cut hexagon shapes out of the papers and glued them onto a canvas!




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2 Responses to Paper Patchwork

  1. Nice work. Do you collect gift wrapping paper too?

    • Aixie says:

      Thanks Emma.
      I do collect wrapping paper, in fact I collect any kind of paper, if the colours and patterns or even the texture appeals to me in some way, I hoard it šŸ˜„

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