Jewellery Display

Someone asked me the other day about the coloured graters on my dressing table, so I thought I would share with you my jewellery storage!



I have a LOT of jewellery, most of which I have made myself. I go through stages of complete addiction to jewellery making, and as a result, I have a huge collection.

I find I only wear things if I can see them, so I have had to find ways to display my vast collection.

For my necklaces, three wooden peg rails work well, and almost double as wall art!!




And I have sorted my earrings by colour on cheese graters both on the wall and on my dressing table.





This is a decorative and economical way to see my collection and easily find the earrings I’m looking for.

Cheese graters are very easy to find in op shops or discount shops, and a quick spray with paint, and you have a very effective earrings stand.

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