The Cooking Tip to Change Your Life?


This isn’t a blog about cooking or recipes or food, but I do admit I am a little bit foodie. My waistline can attest to that!

I love home made rissoles and burgers and meatballs and all manner of mincemeaty goodness.

And now I am going to share the simplest trick ever, that just might change the way you cook and revolutionise your mince goodies!

I learnt it from this woman, Rachael Ray the day I came across this recipe book in my local butchers:


(Thanks for modelling that Frodo)

So this is it, it’s very simple:

Repeat after me “do not add egg or breadcrumbs

Now for some of you this will be nothing new, but if you are the type to have been reared on the average English or Australian recipe book this will be shocking.
“But how will they stick together? ” you will ask.

Well, have you ever made spaghetti bolognaise and not properly broken up the mince? Lumpapalooza am I right?

Well there is your answer! The mince WANTS to stick together, it’s main life goal is sticking together, it’s like the bucket list for mince meat! So just trust it to do its thing and I guarantee your burgers and meatballs will suddenly be easier to cook and taste SO much better!

Look at these lamb, olive and fetta rissoles cooking together nicely in their pan…….


No breaks, awesome texture and SO delicious!

So do yourself a favour and ditch the egg and breadcrumbs, at least on the inside!

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