Woolly Wrapped Twigs


I was inspired recently to create these woolly twigs by a friend of mine, Pat, who is an amazing crocheter. She “yarn bombed” a large branch with her beautiful crochet to create a unique Christmas tree. How fabulous is this????



So I got to work on some twigs from my back garden. This is a fabulous way to use up scraps and oddments of wool left over from other projects, but having already done that recently making a shitload of tassels, I just dug into the huge stash of wool in my studio!


It’s incredibly simple, and you probably don’t need to see the steps, but here they are anyway.

Firstly, tie your first piece of wool around the base of the twig. I decided I wanted to leave a small exposed piece of stick at either end, just to reinforce the fact that these started life as part of a living plant, but you could start and finish at the very ends if you preferred.


Wind the wool around the stick.


When you’re ready to change colours, just tie the new piece of wool to the old one and keep wrapping!


At the end, just glue down the last bits of wool with a dab of #450 craft glue.


I decided these would look great in a gold vase, but I didn’t have one, so out with the spray paint and this old vase I bought about ten years ago from the two dollar shop.




They really add an interesting sculptural element to the room, and they tie in nicely with the Pom Pom flowers I made a few years ago.



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5 Responses to Woolly Wrapped Twigs

  1. I love this idea (and the term “yarn bomb”…)!

    • Aixie says:

      It’s pretty cute isn’t it? II believe the term has been around quite a few years now, there was a movement around the world who prettied up streetscapes in the dark of night by covering things in brightly coloured crochet and knitting, and called it ‘yarn bombing’. It appeals to me!

  2. Super cute idea! I saw something similar at a home decor store and it was super expensive. I had forgot about the sticks until I saw your post.

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