Recycled Jewellery

As you know, I hate throwing stuff out, even into the recycling, if it could be reused, repurposed or upcycled into something fabulous.

Recently I got a new mouse at work (cordless ones never seem to last more than a few months, I don’t know why), and I decided I wanted to create something with the plastic packaging. Everything we buy seems to be hermetically sealed in plastic bubbles these days, it’s ridonculously wasteful!

Anyhoo, the plastic comes in handy for making focals for jewellery!


The plastic can be cut into shapes and used like a coating over paper pieces (or even painted on directly) and used for necklaces and earrings.

Here’s how and what I did….

  • Gather materials:
    Plastic packaging
    Pretty papers
    Recycled papers/ stamps
    Plain paper and textas to draw with
    Clear glue (I used a clear 450 craft glue)
    Mod Podge or other sealer
    Jewellery findings, old bead necklaces etc
    Candle and large metal needle

The first thing I did was cut out all the flat pieces from the packaging



Next I drew some circles on a piece of paper, got out my textas and a scarf for inspiration!

003 008


I love the colours in this scarf, and the Aztec-y pattern, so this was to become my focal for an old black wooden bead necklace I hadn’t worn in years.



Once I had freehand-drawn the design, it was time to cut out the circles and glue them face-down to the plastic.



At this point, the glue needs to dry, so I moved onto another piece. I decided to use a double stranded purple bead necklace I made a while back that I don’t wear, and I chose some pretty William Morris wrapping paper for the pendant. This time I used a rectangular shape.

Once you have your pieces glued to the plastic, cut them out and glue them back to back.

Now it is time to create a hanging hole in the focal piece. This is very easy, but does involve both hot and sharp things, which in my case is probably asking for trouble, but anyway…..


Heat a large metal needle or awl in a candle flame until it is very hot, then push it into the plastic pendant. It should slide through very easily, but be careful not to burn yourself (or stab yourself)!

Then it is a simple case of adding a jump ring through the hole, and attaching it to your necklace!



So this piece was finished, looking good:

027 034

But I wanted to add just a little something extra to the other piece. What else but a tassel!

029 030 028

(This last photo shows they are pretty easy to make, but for more instructions, I once again send you back to Aunt Peaches.)

You can use ANYTHING as the basis of a pendant like this….

How cute are these postage stamp earrings?

How cute are these postage stamp earrings?

033 031

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2 Responses to Recycled Jewellery

  1. Yesss! Way to keep that plastic out of the trash. How very inspiring.

    • Aixie says:

      It’s a passion of mine, I can’t stand the thought of contributing to the horrific landfill problem more than I possibly have to 😳

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