Latest op shop scores!

I recently had to go into the city to see my optometrist, and that gave me the opportunity to visit an old haunt of mine, a Salvos store that I used to live down the street from and went to weekly.

I have always found something I wanted there, and some of my favourite pieces have been purchased there.

This group of items was no exception, although I was surprised by the hike in prices. What would have been 99c, was now $6.25. Not that it prevented me buying these pieces!!!


Love this magazine rack that found a home in my library.


Definitely going to give this a coat of paint, I just have to decide on the colour. Pale pink? Blue? White? …we’ll see.

This next piece was an impulse buy that I thought needed a coat of paint in a bright colour, but now I am not sure… What do you think?




This enamel platter was a nice addition to my enamelware collection:


And I am on a bit of a blue and white kick at the moment, something I seem to have inherited from my mum, so this (sadly lidless) ginger jar and little lidded box were both happy finds!


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