Decoupage Tutorial

As promised, this is a bit of a tutorial on decoupage, my choice for this project is a tray in shades of blue.

You will need:
A tray (or box or other item you wish to decorate. There are no rules, remember!)
Scraps of paper. I have used bits of wrapping paper, sweet wrappers, craft papers, old seed packets, pictures cut from magazines and papers I have painted on. You are limited only by your imagination. Again, no rules!
PVA Glue
Mod Podge

Scissors, brush and water

This acrylic tray was a gift from a friend, and though pretty, wasn’t really my thing. It makes a good base for decoupaging.


Here are some of the papers I selected.



First thing to do is cut the papers into small squares or rectangles.

Then squirt a dollop of PVA glue on the tray, and brush it over a small area to get started.


Then stick the squares down on the glue, brushing more glue over the top to help the pieces stay flat. Overlap slightly or carefully line up the pieces so you don’t see the pattern underneath.

Leave the squares overhanging the edges of the tray. Once dry, you will glue them down the other side.


Once I had turned it over and glued down the edges from the top side, I just continued gluing squares of paper around the rim. With the base, I cut one piece of painted paper the same size and glued it in place, but I could have kept going with the squares, or even left it with nothing, as it is not going to be seen.


Once the glue is dry, brush two coats of Mod Podge over the top (both sides), allowing it to dry between coats. A note here on glue, there are plenty of options for gluing and varnishing. You can use Mod Podge for both purposes, but it is quite expensive, so I recommend gluing with the cheaper PVA craft glue. There are other varnishes on the market you could use, but I have found Mod Podge to be one of the most durable, easy to use and effective. And no, they’re not paying me to say that!

I find decoupage projects tend to need a few weeks to “cure” before they are hardened and really durable.

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