Foam Core Pin Board

Last weekend I spent a total of twelve hours reorganising and tidying my studio.

Although it wasn’t a complete mess, things were a bit jumbled and randomly spaced out all over the room! It was quite a job, and part of it was redoing my inspiration pin board.

I decided I wanted more pin board space, and read somewhere that you can use foam core board covered in fabric as pin board. Brilliant!

I had a frame with foam core backing that was once upon a time a framed artwork.

It was briefly stored under my bed many years ago and the glass got broken. I’ve kept it ever since thinking it would come in handy one day!


All it needed was three things:
Some pretty fabric
A glue stick (I probably would have used spray adhesive by choice but I didn’t have any.)
Some masking tape.

First I took the piece of fabric – a vintage rose patterned linen – and gave it a good iron.


Then I spread the glue all over the board and pressed it onto the back of the piece of fabric.



Smoothed it out on the front, then I just taped the edges on the back.




Then I popped it back in the frame.
More tape to the edges of the frame, and it was ready to hang on the wall.



Then I just needed to pin some favourite items and pictures to it!



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