Bookmarks- Part One, Paper.

In my quest to find new projects using tassels, I am constantly spying tassels wherever I can around me.

Sitting in my library the other day, flicking through a decorating book, I wanted a bookmark, but surprisingly couldn’t find one. Ping! Yep, I had to make some, and didn’t they used to come with a woolly tassel on the end? Ping, ping! These would be much nicer than just jamming an old envelope into my book to mark my place. Plus…..tassel usage!

So, more cardboard required, cut into bookmark sized strips.


Having recently tidied my studio, I had been looking through my collection of papers wanting to use them for a new project, and this would be a simple one.


Some glue, some pretty paper and a pair of scissors….





More pretty papers, more cardboard and glue…..



With a hole punched in the top of each, it was a simple matter to loop one of my many tassels through, and voila, awesome bookmarks.




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