Valentine Garlands

I hate Valentines Day. I have either been terminally single or tragically in a relationship for every Valentine’s Day ever, and either way it is pretty sucky. And boring.

But then I discovered the world of crafting valentines, and now it actually has a purpose! For the first time I have signed up to #auntpeachesvalentineswap, and I am super excited by it!

I decided to go with a garland of hearts, mostly because I want to hang one up above my studio window. So, according to the rules I would be sending three, so that makes four garlands. Fun fun fun!!


This is so simple, and took around half an hour per garland.

I started with a cardboard template of a heart, as I wanted some consistency in my garland, but with such a simple shape I could have just cut them freehand and had them varying a bit in size and shape.


I pulled lots of pink and red papers from my stash, and started drawing around my heart template on them.





Snowflake wanted to help me with this process.




Once I had a good pile of hearts cut out, I put them in bundles and punched a hole in each side.





Then I cut lengths of curling ribbon and tied the hearts together.




Here is mine hanging above the window. It’s not a great photo, I don’t have a good camera, so it never likes taking photos of windows, but I think you’ll see how it looks.



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3 Responses to Valentine Garlands

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  2. roseluxton says:

    HI FROM CANADA!!!!!!!
    Your envelope arrived today and I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful art!! Even your note and envelope were amazing. You are one sweet person to do this for a complete stranger šŸ™‚
    As you see from my Google face I am not a chick in age but in my mind. Looks like we have a love of colour and art in common. I’ll send you a private FaceBook thingy if I can find you.
    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart & Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Aixie says:

      Thank you! Such compliments- I am blushing šŸ˜š
      This has been a great experience, participating in this swap, and I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully my other recipients too!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and my Facebook page šŸ˜ƒ

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