Tissue Paper Vase

Today was a good day for some more crafting from the recycling basket, according to Frodo!


So I pulled out this old tomato passata jar and a bunch of pretty coloured tissue paper to create a vase.



Aren’t those colours gorgeous?

I cut up the tissue into squares and got out my trusty mod podge.


I’m using outdoor mod podge on this as it needs to be pretty hard wearing, but it is very thick stuff so I diluted it 50:50 with water.

Starting with the top rim, I just brushed the glue onto the glass, and placed the paper squares onto the glue.


Load the brush with more glue and brush gently over the paper to stick it down. Be careful with this as the tissue tears easily.



Then it’s just a case of overlapping the squares down the glass.



Some colours were more transparent than others, such as the pale blue, so I just pasted a second square over the top.

The delicate look of this made me choose some delicate sprays of plumbago to put in it!




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