How to make an antique blue and white bowl

I have an increasing obsession with blue and White ceramics. Gradually they have been infiltrating my home, I look for them in op shops and markets and my eye is drawn to them wherever I go.

It’s not really surprising, I grew up surrounded by blue and white china due to my mother’s love affair with it, so it’s probably genetic. 

Tidying my shed the other day I came across some plastic bowls that had seen better days. I’m always reluctant to throw things away that could be made beautiful and useful once more, so I decided to combine a love of decoupage with a love of blue and white.

Firstly I needed some paper resembling blue and white ceramics. In my day job I often need background textures and images for documents I’m creating, and have discovered a great website that allows you to download images for free:

And I found an image of some pretty blue and white porcelain tiles, which I printed on some ordinary copy paper.

I wanted an old, antique look, so I added some coffee to my Mod Podge.

Then I just needed to cut my paper into squares, and start gluing it onto my bowl.

Once I had covered the inside of the bowl I let it dry, before folding down the pieces from the top, and covering the outside.

After two coats of tinted Mod Podge and a few hours to dry it was ready!

I was so pleased with how this turned out I created a few more pieces:

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