Pineapple Vase

The pineapple trend is one I love. I have so far embraced it with this Pineapple Dish and a painting of a pineapple in my kitchen, but I came across the perfect white vase to turn into a pineapple at Spotlight the other day, and couldn’t resist.

Here it is as a blank vase, purchased for $10. Bargain!

I already had the porcelain paints I needed for this job- paints in yellow and green and some leadlighting or cloisonné paste in black.

I started by taping off the neck of the vase and painting the base yellow in thick diagonal strokes

Then I removed the tape and painted the top in green, with vertical strokes.

 Next was to paint on the pineapple pattern! Using the leadlighting paste, I started by drawing leaves at the top in the green section.

Then I created a diagonal cross hatch or checked pattern on the base. It’s a little wobbly, but this is bespoke, so I’m ok with that!

Finally, a dot in each diamond to give the pointy pineapple texture, and we’re done.

To make this dishwasher safe, I baked it in the oven according to the instructions on the paint jar 35 mins at 150C.

Cool pineapples!

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