Under The Sea Lampshade

I have been wanting to do something crafty to the lampshade in my studio for ages.

I was thinking watery, under the sea, blues and greens, so I wanted to use a water based medium.

Acrylic ink is something I use a lot for the background in my art, and it will pretty much paint on anything, so I decided that’s what I would use.

I put the white lampshade on a towel and got my inks and a spray bottle filled with water ready.




A wide paint brush dipped in ink and thick wavy brush strokes.





Alternating between blues and greens and spraying liberally with water so the ink spreads and bleeds together, creating that watery effect.



It actually turned out more stripey than I expected, but it still works. I’d quite like to do another one of these, maybe in warm colours that are more patchy than stripey. Watch this space!




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