Revamped Dressing Table

Once upon a time there was an early 20th century dressing table sitting unloved in a Salvation Army op shop in Melbourne. It had been painted baby poo brown and was for sale for $25. I bought it, and immediately painted it white. Then, ten years later  I painted it pink. The pink was awesome, but after a year, I wanted a change.

I decided I wanted to create a completely different, more sophisticated style in my bedroom, with deep blue walls, so my dressing table needed a sophisticated makeover. Originally, I thought I would repaint it grey, but when I got the sander out, I thought, why not sand it back completely to its original timber? Well, maybe I should have known better, because this was a huge job, but after four weeks, I am stoked I persisted, because it really paid off.

Three coats of paint and the original varnish – this was not for the faint-hearted, but once I’d seen the pretty colour of the original wood, I was hooked. I’m still not sure what type of wood this is, but maybe oak?

 The sense of accomplishment here is huge, as this was such a big job. I’m glad I kept going, because the results are stunning, even if I say so myself.

You can see the wall in the background where I have been trying out paint colours…. The plan is to paint the walls over the Easter break, so stay tuned for further developments.

How gorgeous are the original brass rose knobs?

I look at this and smile every day. There is such a joy living with Antiques, especially “rescued” ones like this one. it isn’t perfectly restored, but I love it anyway!

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