Library Refresh


I’ve been doing a little decorating in the library lately.

Excuse the bad behaviour of my animals in this photo. Point a camera at them and Frodo licks his butt and Luiseach sticks out her tongue. Go figure.

Anyway, after rearranging my books by colour a few months ago, I felt it was time for a little update of the rest of the room.





My own art is very flower-centric and I have a bit of a “thing” about botanical drawings and paintings, so I hung a wall of botanical art, and I’m sort of fitting the decor and colours in this room around that floral, garden theme.

It’s still evolving, and I think I have some more to do or even collect here, but it’s on the right path!



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7 Responses to Library Refresh

  1. Emily McCrary says:

    Is Luiseach an irish Wolfhound? I love the green on the walls, especially the way it sets off the botanical art.
    And then I got distracted because your dog is adorable!

    • Aixie says:

      Yup, Luiseach is an Irish Wolfie- my second, and having had them, I wouldn’t have anything else 😊
      The green is my favourite Farrow & Ball paint colour called Cooking Apple Green.
      I’ll let Lulu know what you said …. Just increase her incredible sense of self importance a little more – she thinks the whole blog should about her, I’m sure!

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  3. Nancy says:

    Do your pets realize that they, too, are works of art? They are the frosting on your library cake.

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