Collecting Vintage China

Every few months or so I rearrange things in the kitchen/dining area on the shelves and on top of the china cabinet.

Today I moved my jug collection to the shelves and displayed some of my growing blue and white collection on top of the cabinet, and I realised just how large my vintage collection is now! So I thought I would share it with you…



The china cabinet itself belonged to my Great Aunt.

My collection has been obtained from a wide variety of places and people. Some pieces have been handed down from my parents, grandparents and aunts. Some pieces have been gifts from friends.


  I have been visiting antique shops, auctions, markets, op shops, garage sales etc for 20 years now, and rarely do I come home empty handed 😄







You will see a few modern pieces tucked amongst the vintage stuff, but I don’t often eat off modern matching crockery!!!!

It’s a lot more fun choosing a pretty plate to eat my sandwich from, than getting out the same old boring plain white plate every day.



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5 Responses to Collecting Vintage China

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Your China is beautiful. Love the bunny picture. Did you paint it? ❀

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