Butterfly Box

my current obsession with nature in my library is not yet exhausted, and I wanted to do something else with butterflies. I love those old framed butterfly collections, but I don’t own one and I’m not planning on taking up Lepidoptery any time soon, so it was time to fake it once more!

I have had this partitioned box frame for a while. All it needed was a coat of paint.




Then I set about creating the butterflies!

Most of them I drew and painted by hand, but I also printed a couple of pictures off the Internet and cut them out, just to mix it up a little.





Once they were all cut out, it was time to glue them to the background paper. I folded the wings up a little, and just glued the bodies to the paper.


Then I put it into the frame and hung it on the library wall.




I love how these turned out, they look great hanging on the library wall!!! 

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5 Responses to Butterfly Box

  1. Nancy K. says:

    This looks so cool, and no butterflies were harmed in the making of this collection. Win!

  2. frilka says:

    amazing …. 🙂

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