Upcycled Abstract Art Project 

  I seem to accumulate a lot of postcards. It’s true that I collect art postcards (as seen below on the back of my door), but I also have a huge number I have been sent and given. My mum gives me those free postcards you see in cafes all the time because they have them in her workplace, but she doesn’t remember what she’s already given me, and a lot of them are more advertising than art, so I have a lot to spare.

As you will all be well aware by now, I hate throwing stuff away. I could end up one of those crazy hoarders if it weren’t for the fact I also love to make stuff, and I do like a tidy home.

So I decided to create an artwork using some of the backlog of postcards I have.

It’s not complicated, it just involves a bit of paint and a big frame.



 Lots of colour here, nice thick brush strokes and I have a bunch of mini abstract artworks.

Now to put it together.

I glued some old index pages to the backboard of a large frame, and then began to arrange the postcards on it.


A bit of double sided tape, and they were in place!


Then back into the frame and it was straight onto the wall in my sitting room.

Now it sits below a gorgeous cat artwork by Marg Thompson of Full Circle Mandalas 


I never need new art for my walls, but I cannot stop myself from creating it. 

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2 Responses to Upcycled Abstract Art Project 

  1. Nancy K. says:

    Very impressive, creative and artistic use of found materials! That looks awesome.

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