Chateau Cardboard Storage

once upon a time (actually only a few years ago) I worked in the wine industry. For 15 years. I absolutely loved it, and it turned me into a complete wine snob.

Well, at the time I got a lot of free or discounted wine, and was paid relatively well, so I could afford to be a wine snob.

Then I got a job outside the industry. I love it more than life itself, but it doesn’t pay well nor does it come with a wine allowance.

So I am humbly reduced to drinking wine out of a box. Yup, to the horror of my old winey friends, I drink chateau cardboard.

As with anything we consume, it creates rubbish. However, a 2L cask of wine is actually awesomely sized. The box makes super storage, and I have used tons of them for storing my craft supplies! (And no, I am not telling you how long it took to drink that many casks of wine.)


I have decorated these in various ways, but one of the simplest was with some cowhide contact.


Looks pretty good, no?


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2 Responses to Chateau Cardboard Storage

  1. frilka says:

    this is so inspiring …in our local supermarket there are always unflattened boxes in case anyone needs them and on a number of occasions I have taken wine boxes to cover them up and make a larger than normal gift box … these will look great on the shelves in my sewing room! thank you for sharing … 🙂

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