Tea Bag Art

Trawling Pinterest for ideas on art using recycled or found materials, I came across the work of Ruby Silvious and other artists creating art on used tea bags:

I was instantly enchanted.

I know, it sounds bizarre, but it’s actually really cool!

So I saved my tea bags for a week, dried them out, slit the ends to empty out the tea leaves, and painted some teeny tiny abstract artworks!


I really enjoyed using such an unusual medium, and plan to do more.

In the meantime I’ve hung my teabags in the kitchen – somehow it seemed appropriate!


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8 Responses to Tea Bag Art

  1. Emily McCrary says:

    People think of the coolest stuff. My husband goes through tons of teabags, I’ll have to see if he’ll save them for me. Although by now he’s getting used to saving weird stuff for me to use in my projects.

    I love how you’ve displayed yours, they look great!

    • Aixie says:

      I asked some of my coworkers for their teabags ….they all think I’m crazier than ever, but I’m loving experimenting with this.
      The same artist has done some beautiful things with egg shells and pistachio shells too, check out her website if you haven’t already!!!!

    • Aixie says:

      Oh, and thank you šŸ˜Š
      I’d also love to see the results if you have a go with teabags yourself!!!

  2. very cute. i have one of ruby’s pieces. she’s so talented. she’s proud to have inspired you i think

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