Blue and White Tile Tray

In all my Pinterest-trawling of beautiful blue and white ceramics I came across this gorgeous blue and white tile tray (see photo at the bottom of this post) It was love at first sight, and I figured I could make something similar.

This was a pretty straightforward upcycle using decoupage.

I started with this tray I picked up at the op shop a few months ago.

I started by drawing some 90mm x 90mm squares on a piece of thick watercolour paper.

Then I copied or created blue and white tile designs onto the squares.

You can download sketches of my designs here: Tile Tray Designs

I copied over my pencil lines with a biro…. Frodo decided he could help.

Then I coloured them in with textas and watercolour pencils.

Then I gave the paper a few coats of acrylic gloss spray. The reason for this is my glue (Mod Podge) is water based and would wash off or at least smear my water-based-drawn images. The spray is oil based, and prevents any smeariness.

Then I cut them into their squares….

And glued them onto my tray.

I used outdoor mod podge for this because it is thicker than normal, and strong enough to keep the thicker paper glued down.

Then I just varnished over the top!

I’m pleased with the result. It’s not exactly the same as the original inspiration:


But I’m happy with my copy!


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22 Responses to Blue and White Tile Tray

  1. lacier77 says:

    Wow! You did an amazing job! I’m super impressed!!! And a fraction of the cost!

  2. Omg! I love this! Once I began reading and found out they weren’t tiles, I had to go back several times and stare at the picture because I wasn’t convinced they weren’t tiles! Job well done 🙂 I love upcycling, there’s a certain kind of satisfaction in repurposing and recreating, especially at a fraction of the cost.

    • Aixie says:

      Ha! That brought such a smile to my face, thank you!
      I’m TOTALLY with you on the joys of upcycling and creating something gorgeous from something someone discards. Especially when, with a bit of ingenuity, you can do it for very little money 🙂
      Thanks heaps for following my little blog!

  3. What a beautiful tray! Great idea!

  4. La Femme says:

    Wow! This is such a great idea!

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  6. Nancy says:

    Congratulations, Aixie!

  7. carole says:

    where d o I find a design template? would make great gift with matching coasters.

    • Aixie says:

      Hi Carole
      I haven’t put together a design template, I originally just drew these freehand as I did it.
      Leave it with me and I’ll see what I can come up with!

      • Cathy says:

        This will make a great family project! I really love the craft idea but I am all thumbs when it comes to drawing. Therefore, some simple design templates would be VERY much appreciated.

      • Aixie says:

        No problem, I’ll work on it and let you know when I’ve put them up on the site!

  8. Cathy says:

    Thank you very much for the sketches!

  9. Nancy says:

    Yes, thank you, Axie! Your sketches are fantastic and so easy for non-artists (such as yours truly) to copy. I’m still smiling at Frodo’s tail; that photograph deserves more recognition. Cats of Instagram, perhaps?

    • Aixie says:

      You’re welcome!
      Frodo’s tail is just too fluffy!!!! I should post that on Instagram- I do post quite a few pics of the fur-kids on Insta! Feel free to follow me @alexandrafelgate if you haven’t found me on there yet 😸

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