Hey everyone, I’m Frodo!

One of Mum’s readers asked for more stories about all the fur-kids she has. She thought it would be nice for us to introduce ourselves, and I get to go first!!!!!!

My name is Frodo – he was an awesome hero from a book apparently, so I’m well-named- and I am 2 and a half. That’s nearly three you know! Mum rescued me as a kitten from SA Dog Rescue here in Adelaide. They rescue all kinds of animals, not just stupid dogs, that I wouldn’t bother with, but anyway……

So, I’m the youngest of all the fur-kids, and I’m definitely the cutest. How cute am I? Check out my photos! I mean seriously, look at me:

   Cutest cat EVER, right? 

So, what can I tell you about myself?

Well, my favourite toys are the alphabet fridge magnets that mum has on the fridge. I reckon they are better under the fridge though. I also love to play with the garlic bulbs in the fruit bowl, the papery bits taste great and you can smash up the bulb and bat the little garlic mice all round the house, it’s great fun.

I have a sexy girlfriend in America, her name is Storm and she is soooooo beautiful. She’s got black and white fur, and she sends me awesome American cat treats and even her photo in a frame:

I love her, and am trying to find a way to get my Passpurr, so I can get on a plane and visit her.

Oh, and Mum reminded me to tell you about the time I sat in a candle and set my tail on fire. I didn’t even notice, but mum freaked out and put it out with her bare hands! My mum is the best. Except she doesn’t give me enough tuna. Apart from that, she’s the best.

She wants the iPad back now- she doesn’t trust me not to flood her Instagram account with my selfies, but I mean really, who wouldn’t want to see hundreds of pics of me?

I know, right? #mostamazingestcatintheuniverse , am I right, or am I RIGHT????! 

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4 Responses to Hey everyone, I’m Frodo!

  1. Nancy K. says:

    What a charmer! He’s all typical handsome tabby and then, BAM! That Tail! Business in the front; party in the back. Such interesting hobbies, too…batting garlic mice around the kitchen. I expect that helps keep the fleas away. Seriously, Frodo is something else. I love how he owns the place. Every cat should feel so secure and confident. Please ask him to post more selfies. And thank you for this entertaining post.

    • Aixie says:

      The tail is pretty impressive. He is one of the sweetest yet most sure of himself cats I’ve ever known, but also very very thick. He doesn’t realise that though!
      Glad you liked it! I’ll post the others’ stories too, in the near future!

  2. Nancy K. says:

    I think it’s a ruse. He’s just pretending to be thick so he can get away with things.

  3. Aixie says:

    Maybe 😉 although some days I wonder!!!!! Lol

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