Catnip Mice

After my pillowcase project I pulled out my scrap basket of fabric to dump the scraps in, and Frodo started playing with the pieces as I was putting them in. It got me thinking I should make the fur-kids some pretty mice. Even better if I could add some catnip to them!

This was a definitely something to do in front of the telly in the evening, a quick hand sew project to use up some scraps.

All I needed was the fabric, some dried catnip, some tissue paper for stuffing (safe for kitties if they rip open the mice) and some wool for the tails.


A simple job to cut the fabric into circles, then fold them in half right side together, and sew them almost all the way.

A teaspoon of catnip wrapped in tissue was stuffed into the crescent shape, and more tissue stuffed in to fill it.

  The last piece of tissue I tied a piece of wool to, to create a tail that wasn’t easily pulled out. Then just quickly sewed up the hole, and they were done.

  Merlin was very curious about them, but then Frodo moved in in a whirl of fluff, playing with all of them at once!


Happy cats with new toys for almost zero cost. That’s a win-win in my book!


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