Introducing The Queen

Good day to all the readers of mum’s blog  my loyal subjects.

I am Nefertiti, and I rule this household. Mum thinks she does, but she’s wrong, it’s really me.

I made sure she adopted me two and a half years ago when she came to collect Frodo. I was all slinky and rubbed around her legs until she picked me up, then I purred until I fell asleep in her arms. She was hooked (yep, I really am that good), and adopted me as well as Frodo.

My favourite things to do include:

   Snuggling up to Luiseach the wolfhound 

  Cleaning Frodo’s ears.

  Sleeping in the wool basket.

  Eating mum’s lunch.

  And sitting on mum’s pizza box.

I also make sure that any visitors to the house know I am the Queen, by sitting on each of them in turn. That way they will realise they are beneath me. Although for some reason they seem to think it means I love them, and they all want to adopt me, but I guess that’s because the humans aren’t really all that bright. 

About Aixie

Artist Crafter Interiors Addict Crazy Cat Lady
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2 Responses to Introducing The Queen

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh, she is gorgeous! So elegant and dignified. She does indeed look like a queen.

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