Vintage 1950s Posters

I was recently lucky enough to be given a large number of vintage posters from a retired teacher. They date from the 1950s, when she first started out teaching, and were used in Primary Schools to aid with teaching all sorts of topics including history, geography, art and science.

It is not a complete set, by any means, but there would be over 100 of them, in various conditions.  Some look almost brand new, some have some fauxing at the edges, many bear the marks from being pinned or stapled to the wall, and some have been laminated in recent years. 

Many of the science and nature themed posters will fit in nicely in my library, so I will be looking out for frames for them.


There are others with more random themes that I probably won’t ever use, considering my lack of wall space.

This is only a sampling of them, and I’m wondering what to do with them all? Any ideas?

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6 Responses to Vintage 1950s Posters

  1. These are beautiful, lucky you!. I’m not sure of the copyrights, you would have to enquire, but if ok to copy, you could use the plant, bird or insect themed ones for covering notebooks to make garden journals. Personal diaries covers…cushion transfers…..I would try to keep original intact, far to pretty to cut or alter.

    • Aixie says:

      Oh, what a lovely idea! I’m not sure of the copyright either, but it won’t be too many years before copyright ends anyway, if these were printed in the 1950s, I’m pretty sure it’s only 70 years in Australia.
      I would be happy to sacrifice the ones that have been laminated anyway….they would make lovely notebook covers!!!!
      I did wonder about selling some of them, but I don’t know if it would be worth it? If there would be any interest? Lol.

      Thanks so much for the suggestions 😃

  2. agenda19892010 says:

    Me too have a book of prited drawings i kept beside myself during my 65 years … Thanks for has posted such remembrance
    . ☺.

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