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Mini Kitty Portraits

   I thought it was time to do a portrait collection of the kids! From left to right (above) Merlin, Frodo, Nefertiti and Snowflake. Here’s a couple of pics of the work in progress:                 And the … Continue reading

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Succulent Inspiration 

   My mum brought me some succulents with great joy the other day. For many many years I have been giving her crap for her love of succulents and the little rockery in her garden filled with them. I’ve always … Continue reading

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Watermelon Soap Dispenser 

   I came across a plain white ceramic soap dispenser in my local discount shop for just $2, so I snapped it up not really knowing exactly what I would do with it, but knowing I’d transform it somehow! With … Continue reading

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Painted Stones

   There are a bunch of smooth stones under my lemon tree. Always looking for a new project to keep me occupied, I decided to paint on some!    With a bit of acrylic paint and a white pencil to … Continue reading

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Paper Bag Wrapping Paper 

   As always, I try to re-use and recycle, rather than buying new. Wrapping gifts is customary, and something I enjoy doing, but at the end of the day, wrapping paper invariably ends up in the recycling, or worse, the … Continue reading

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Latest Op Shop Finds

My last visit to my favourite op shop scored me quite a haul!  There were these pretty coloured wine glasses:    And these two floral plates (I need another plate like a hole in the head, but I couldn’t resist): … Continue reading

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A Room Tour

This is my sitting room. I spend most of my time in here and recently rearranged some of the furniture and hung some new artworks, so I thought I would share it with you.                   If you’re … Continue reading

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Cane Table Makeover

I picked up this cute little half moon cane table on a recent op shop trip for $7. Bargain!!! It’s somewhat damaged, not surprisingly, with some cane missing at the front, but a little spraypaint hides a lot of imperfections! … Continue reading

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Black Cat Mobile 

   Some more fun with salt dough! I have this cute vintage cat shaped biscuit cutter and a love of black cats. Seems like a good combination to make a wall-hanging mobile with salt dough and wool!  Start with some … Continue reading

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My name is Merlin.

    I’m the eldest in the family, I’m 10 years old. Mum adopted me when my sister and I fell down the chimney of a local restaurant. They later found my fur-mum and my brothers in the ceiling of the … Continue reading

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