Black Cat Mobile 

Some more fun with salt dough!

I have this cute vintage cat shaped biscuit cutter and a love of black cats. Seems like a good combination to make a wall-hanging mobile with salt dough and wool!

 Start with some salt dough:  
Roll it out

  This is my cute biscuit cutter- it belonged to my grandmother   

Once the shapes were cut out I used a chopstick to create a hole for hanging them 
Then I baked them in a warm oven for an hour.

Once cooled, I painted them black.

I used acrylic paint here, then a quick spray of clear gloss, but in hindsight I probably would have been better off using black spray paint.

Then I just tied the cat shapes to a stick with some black wool, and hung it on my bedroom door.

Cute, huh?

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2 Responses to Black Cat Mobile 

  1. Nancy says:

    That’s a cute idea. They would be nice as Christmas tree ornaments, too.

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