Painted Stones

There are a bunch of smooth stones under my lemon tree. Always looking for a new project to keep me occupied, I decided to paint on some!

With a bit of acrylic paint and a white pencil to add a little definition, I think these are quite effective!


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9 Responses to Painted Stones

  1. These look great! Love those little bowls in the 5th photo too!

  2. jacquih15 says:

    My mum used to paint stones . I remember them being dotted around the house when we were growing up, so have a bit of a fondness for them . I painted one about 3 years ago in acrylic paint and put it in a plantpot in the garden. It is amazing but the colours have withstood all weathers and are still really bold 🙂

    • Aixie says:

      What lovely memories. It goes to show that it’s the small, handmade things that mean most.
      It seems you have creative genes.
      I’d like to do more stones…..maybe some smaller ones too.

  3. Nancy says:

    These are very pretty. I love your lepidoptera especially. Can you tell us more about the “white pencil?” Is that a wax pencil?

    I like the funky Australian tissue box, too. Are you going to make anything out of it when it’s empty? Just look at those cool graphics..

    • Aixie says:

      The white pencil is just that-a coloured pencil in white. It’s not even a fancy brand or anything, although most of my pencils are Derwent or Faber Castell.
      The tissue box is actually a wooden tissue box cover that I picked up at the op shop and painted purple, then decoupaged with some old stamps. Glad you like it!

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