Succulent Inspiration 

My mum brought me some succulents with great joy the other day. For many many years I have been giving her crap for her love of succulents and the little rockery in her garden filled with them. I’ve always hated them.

Until now. It hasn’t been a sudden epiphany, it has come on gradually. I was first attracted to them in artworks by artist Elizabeth Barnett such as this one I saw in her Instagram feed  

She paints delightful still lifes of plants in pots. Just gorgeous!!!

Then I started loving them on Justina Blakely’s blog The Jungalow:

 I love how she has greenery all throughout her house! I struggle with indoor plants, mostly because of the cats eating them, and doing unspeakable things in the soil, but also because I’m very talented at neglecting house plants! 

Enter mum’s succulents!

Add an assortment of containers:

I wasn’t sure what was going to use, so I gathered together everything I thought might work.

I am so happy with these! I’ve scattered them throughout the house!


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2 Responses to Succulent Inspiration 

  1. frilka says:

    I love succulents …my kitchen window (only place with enough heat throughout the year) is full of them and I love them … yours look fab scattered throughout the house … 🙂

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