Kitsch Kitten Plates


I have a bit of a “thing” for kitsch cat stuff. Yes, I know I’m sort of cementing my crazy cat lady status here, but I do tend to be drawn to it.

When I saw this canvas in Typo, I had to have it and it has hung in my laundry, where my cats eat ever since.

Then I was digging through a box of stuff in the shed and came across these ancient melamine plates that I had decorated as a child.

A bit of history, but what do you do with something like this? I wasn’t ever going to use them, and no-one else would want them. 

So I decided to photograph them for posterity, then upcycle them with a bit of decoupage. And what better inspiration than kitsch kitty plates?

I knew I had an old kitten calendar that would be perfect, and I raided my stash for all the other bits and pieces I needed – newspaper, mod podge, acrylic paint and some flowery wrapping paper.

Firstly I did a papier-mâché layer with squares of newspaper and mod podge. Then when it was dry I painted the plates with pretty pastel shades of acrylics.

Then I cut out the kittens and flowers and mod podged them to the plates.

A quick spray with acrylic gloss, and they were ready to hang on the wall in the laundry!

I’m very limited with where I can put hooks in this wall. It backs onto my kitchen and there are a lot of electrical wires running through it, so the spacing was a bit odd. 

I filled in the spaces with cat pictures and washi tape to try and make a more cohesive collection.

I hope the cats appreciate my efforts.

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