Snow White and Her Bookshelf

My latest up cycle was inspired by Snow White.

Yeah, I know. You’re thinking this doesn’t exactly scream Disney princess, and you’re quite right. It’s actually inspired by a gorgeous dresser on the set of Mary Margaret’s (aka Snow White) apartment, in Once Upon A Time, one of my favourite TV programs, based on fairytale characters.

You can see the dresser in the background of this image on the right. (Thanks to Once Upon A Time TV for the screen shot)

And again here on the left:

I love the colours it is painted, and the pretty wallpaper it is backed with.

And I thought to myself “I could do something like that, couldn’t I?”

So I dragged this daggy chipboard and faux wood grain laminate bookshelf in from my shed:

Then I pulled out some pretty paints and some scrapbooking paper:

And set to work! I apologise for the quality of some of these photos, they were taken inside at night time…… Bring on daylight savings time is all I can say!!!!!!

It didn’t start out any where near as pretty a piece of furniture as the original inspiration, but it looks pretty in my bedroom, and makes me think of soothing bedtime stories 😀

It makes for a great bedside cupboard. 


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