Faux Malachite 

I’ve always loved malachite and gold/brass furniture and decorative items, but clearly they are waaaaaay out of my price range!!!

Naturally I don’t let that stop me! Time for more decoupage and spray paint- two of my favourite things!!!!

This is so simple it kills me.

This old craft wood container was decoupaged with Chinese characters about 15 years ago, when such designs were very popular in my home!

For the malachite pattern I printed some images of malachite and for the gold/brass I pulled out my trusty can of spray paint.

After painting the container gold and cutting out the shapes for each side, I trimmed the edges slightly to make them just a bit smaller than the sides of the container. This gave just a little bit of gold around all the edges.

A coat of mod podge over the top, and one perfect faux malachite vase was born.

How much do I love it? See for yourself…

It rocks my world!

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