Boho Bling

With the warmer weather and longer evenings here my thoughts turn to al fresco dining, so I needed a new spring bling project for such an occasion!

Digging into the recycling basket again I collected a heap of tins, filled them with water and stashed them in the freezer.

Once frozen, I was ready to begin!

I pulled out my hammer and centre punch set ready to punch some holes in the tins. (You can do this with large nails too, just be careful!)




I quickly discovered that the teeny tuna tins melt really quickly. As the water melts the tin is more likely to dent and compress when you hit it, making crappy candle holders….


So I chucked those back into the recycling and stuck with the bigger ones!

I chose to do a simple pattern of alternating rows of dots, but I did think you could get all fancy pants by drawing a floral design or other patterns on the tin before freezing, and punching the pattern following the drawing.

Anyway, next step is to remove the labels and let the ice melt.




Once completely melted and dry, get out your favourite spray paint and coat inside and out. I used gold for the extra reflective and blingy effect, but you could choose your colours to match decor or a theme.


Once dry they’re ready for tea light candles and a warm evening if entertaining!!






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