Re-upholstered Window Seat

I have had this padded-top box for 20 years, and in that time I have painted the base in a wide variety of colours, and upholstered the top in many different fabrics….. Nothing stays the same for long in my house!

Most recently I painted it dark blue using the second sample pot when I was choosing the blue in my bedroom. I had covered the top in this blue and pink floral, which was a vintage curtain purchased in a Melbourne op shop 10 or so years ago.

It somehow just never clicked for me. I love this fabric, but it never looked right here.

Then I had a brainwave! This fabric that my parents came across a few months ago would be perfect!

So first I had to remove the old fabric 

Then cut the new piece.

The piece at the top, above the hole, was the perfect size for this project.

A few staples with my trusty electric staple gun, and it was done.

 I LOVE it! So much better than before.

About Aixie

Artist Crafter Interiors Addict Crazy Cat Lady
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2 Responses to Re-upholstered Window Seat

  1. jacquih15 says:

    Aixie I so love how you love your space and change it so much 🙂 Creative lady 🙂

    • Aixie says:

      Aww shucks! Thanks Jacqui, I do relish making my environment beautiful and reflecting me and my passions. My home is constantly evolving, and a source of great joy for me😊

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