Puffy Cushion 

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I had a lot of things made from what my grandmother called Puffies. 

Although she taught me a lot of her crafting skills, she never showed me how to make these. I recently discovered that they are also called YoYos, (I always thought they were the toys on a string, but whatever) and even better, you can buy these nifty little gadgets that makes it really easy to make them!!!


Seriously easy…..

So I started making them from this pretty paisley fabric, and another paisley that used to be an ironing board cover until the elastic went on it…..

It’s amazing how many Puffies you can make during a Netflix marathon!!

A plain pink cotton cushion cover ($8.99 on eBay) was the perfect background for a chequerboard of Puffies:

Another couple of Netflix sessions, and I had them sewn on in no time.

I still have a talent for wonky sewing, but this is cheerful! Even the cats agree…


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