Blue Parcels 

In keeping with my blue Christmas theme, I needed to make some wrapping paper. 

For my birthday I was given this gorgeous Amy Butler book of stencils:

And I still save my paper bags for crafting:

So it was a no-brainer really! I was dying to try out those stencils!

I chose these patterns because I felt they were the most Christmassy:

Some blue paint and a sponge roller, the opened out paper bags, and I was ready to get messy!

I started them all with paler blues, before moving onto a second layer of dark blue.

They turned out well, I love the imperfections in them all. So much nicer than mundane mass produced wrapping paper from the shop!

And the presents just look fabulous!

All ready for Christmas Day!

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3 Responses to Blue Parcels 

  1. Nancy says:

    A sophisticated effect. Very attractive! What a nice change from all the slick, commercial wrapping paper.

    • Aixie says:

      Thanks Nancy 😊 I like to do something a bit different, a bit more personalised and hand crafted. With the bonus that it is also upcycling something that has outlived its previous life, rather than buy something new and commercial! ❤️

  2. daphnecybele says:

    Gorgeous! I think I need a copy of that stencil book and now I have a reason to save paper bags. Love your style, that room looks so lovely.

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