Mexican Chairs!

Every few years I re-cover the seats on my dining chairs, and I was in Spotlight recently during a half price fabric sale and found this heavenly Mexican striped fabric. I absolutely had to buy it, and it seemed like a great pattern to use on my chairs.

I’m not sure how old these dining chairs are, but we had them when I was a child. They weren’t new then either, they were given to us by a friend of my grandmother’s called Miss Rooney. I don’t know who she was but she gave my family all sorts of odd things!

Back then they were covered in a dark red leather or vinyl with brass studs across the front. They weigh an absolute ton- the wood is really really dense, which makes pulling staples out of them a bitch of a job!

I loved the cheerful cherries oilcloth I covered them in two years ago, but cat claws haven’t been kind to it!

It’s a pretty straightforward process-unscrew the seats, pull out the staples, cut new cloth and staple it on!


With wood this dense, I really appreciate my electric staple gun!

Approximately 4 hours to complete, but they look fabulous!


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6 Responses to Mexican Chairs!

  1. vintage51 says:

    The fabric is perfect for these chairs. Great find and great job reupholstering the seat covers. Cheers, Michele

  2. Rita says:

    CAn you tell me where to buy fabric like that?RM

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