Exotic Vase

I bought this green frosted glass vase some time ago in an op shop. 

I think it needs embellishing!

With this!

This stuff is very cool. It’s like the lead outline in lead lighting, but this one is gold. (It comes in black, and other colours too).

This pattern just grew organically, I had no real design in mind when I started.

Luiseach was very interested in this process….

Once dry, I decided to pick some greenery from the garden (there’s not much to choose from in my garden, especially in the dead of winter), and create a little vignette on the dining room table.


About Aixie

Artist Crafter Interiors Addict Crazy Cat Lady
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2 Responses to Exotic Vase

  1. Nancy says:

    Very clever, Aixie. You have the best ideas. And your dog is adorable. He is very interested in your project, isn’t he?

    • Aixie says:

      Thanks Nancy!
      Luiseach was really curious about this project, which is unusual. She’s normally just lying at my feet not caring what I’m doing!!

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