Faux Shell Chandelier 

I have always loved those beachy Capiz shell chandeliers, but haven’t been lucky enough to come across one at a good price.

In fact, they can run into the thousands!!!!! As this post on the blog More Ways to Waste Time shows:

So I decided that I should make my own!

I already had this brass ring that I bought to make a dream catcher with:

And I saved a bunch of milk cartons to make the “shells” with.

Once I’d removed the labels and cut out just the flat pieces, I used a silver sharpie to draw around one of the lids to create my shell circles.

I made 72 circles from four milk cartons.

Then I used a metal skewer heated in a candle flame to poke holes in my circles so that I could join them together with metal jump rings from my jewellery making stash.

More jump rings attached the chains of circles to the brass ring, along with three lengths of chain to hang it with.

And, Ta-daaa!!!

It’s a bit sparse, so I think I will save more milk cartons and add some more “shells” to flesh it out a bit more. I could even add a second tier and make it more of a statement piece.

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6 Responses to Faux Shell Chandelier 

  1. nenamatahari says:

    My Grandma loved those shell chandeliers.

  2. nenamatahari says:

    Oh, and the decor is BRILLIANT! I just love it!!

  3. Nancy says:

    That is a fantastic plastic project. What a creative and eco-friendly craft. There’s a social statement in there, too, with regard to the abundance of plastic trash that is floating around in our oceans. I checked Wikipedia, and sure enough, the windowpane oyster (the source of Capiz shells) population is at risk from over-fishing and over-collecting. I hope your post goes VIRAL and will draw attention to the destructive gathering methods and depletion of this resource. This would be a great project for a science classroom.

    • Aixie says:

      Thanks Nancy! The human race really has treated this planet disgracefully, and it still saddens me to discover people who don’t care, and there are many.
      I didn’t know that about the windowpane oyster, that’s terrible, and makes me love my upcycled milk carton version even more!!!! I’d love to see these everywhere and I adore the idea of this as a project kids could do at school. Teaching the next generations to make beauty from rubbish, to revere the earth and to recycle is absolutely essential if we are to survive and heal this planet.
      Gosh. I’ve gone on a bit, haven’t I???
      Thanks so much for following my little blog, and for your supportive comments, I really really appreciate it! Xxxxx

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